Every EP/W&M workshop is designed to provide a safe, encouraging space to learn and practice co-creative skills.  For those interested in developing those skills further, we offer a progressive process that expands the exploration (see below for details):
  Basic (one-day)
  Advanced (two-day) 
  Facilitator Training (three-day)
    The principles and skills offered in each workshop are drawn from the EP/W&M body of knowledge and remain consistent.  However, every gathering has a unique flavor and character that reflects the issues and questions that particular participants bring to the mix.
Evolutionary Partnership / Women & Men Workshops

PLEASE NOTE:  You do NOT need to be in any kind of partnership—romantic, business, etc.—to participate at any level of EP/W&M workshops.  The purpose is not solving issues of individual relationships, nor is it intended as counseling or therapy.  EP/W&M is about healthy women and men creating new ways of partnering, within and across genders, based on strength, openness, and mutual respect.

EP/W&M ADVANCED (two-day)
(prerequisite:  EP/W&M Basic)
    The EP/W&M Advanced workshop is designed to deepen the experience and insights gained during the Basic (one-day).  
Learning segments of the Advanced include:
  Power Selves/Vulnerable Selves: Exploring our Inner Diversity
  Holding the tension of opposites 
  Collaborative Communication: "Peer Coaching" 
  Statements, Requests, & Commitments between gender groups 
  Reconciliation: Principles & Practice
  Yin-Yang: Aikido as Collaborative Communication
  Transforming Old Behaviors into New Behaviors

EP/W&M  FACILITATOR TRAINING (three-day retreat)
(prerequisite:  EP/W&M Basic & Advanced workshops)
    Having experienced the power of the Evolutionary Partnership/Women & Men process, people may wish to take what they have learned into their own groups, communities, or workplaces. In keeping with the original vision of this work, we offer Evolutionary Leadership/Women & Men, a 3-day training that prepares participants to co-facilitate a one-day (8-hour) workshop in home, community, or corporate settings.
Facilitator skills emphasized are:
  Sharing leadership with a co-facilitator of the opposite gender 
  Developing ease with collaborative communication 
  Facilitating group conflict effectively 
  Demonstrating a comfortable balance between power and vulnerability 
  Deepening of EP/W&M principles and ability to communicate them to a group 
Learning segments of the weekend include:
  Exploring personal experience of power and vulnerability 
  Working in small groups to develop capacity for embracing both power 
        and vulnerability as a leader/co-facilitator 
  Practicing leading segments of a one-day workshop 
  Role-playing to practice co-facilitating in difficult situations 
  Spending time with one's own gender group to explore concerns around co-leadership 
  Engaging in dialogue between gender groups; speaking honestly and collaboratively 
  Offering one another support in going forward with commitment 
Become part of a global network!
    Upon completion of this 3-day training, participants can apply for facilitator accreditation. If you do so, you will join men and women from 30 different countries who have been trained in the same principles of collaborative communication and co-leadership between the genders.
    The founders and members of this network stand on three fundamental principles:
  All real change ultimately happens from the bottom up, from grassroots 
        folks who work among themselves to bring about new ways of partnering. 
  Healing among and between the genders is key to sustained positive 
        change in other areas of conflict throughout the world. 
  Each man and each woman has a role to play and can make a difference 
        in their partnerships, their families, their communities, and their world.
EP/W&M BASIC (one-day) 
During the EP/W&M Basic workshop, we will:
REMEMBER who we are as men and as women. 
  Celebrate the strengths of our own gender
  Feel the support of our own gender “at our back”
  Share collaboratively about what we need from each gender
RESPECT our gender differences and the conflicts they create. 
  Speak what is true in our experience as a man or as a woman
  Listen & learn about one another’s different views of reality
  Coach each other in communicating collaboratively
RE-IMAGINE a new, emerging story for women and men 
  Release old resentments in order envision the future with clarity
  Envision & commit to partnership of the positive 
            Powerful Masculine and the emerging Powerful Feminine. 
  Consider gender as a practice field for engaging other conflicts (i.e., race, religion, politics, etc.)
Learning segments of the Basic include:
  "The Truth Box" 
  Defensive vs. Collaborative Communication 
  Collaborative Listening Speaking 
  Circulating Leadership: "The Oil and the Flame" 
  Gender Group Caucus 
  Facilitated Dialogue between Gender Groups 
  Reconciliation: Principles & Practice
  Next Action Steps

    After completing a Basic (one-day) and Advanced (two-day) EP/W&M, participants who feel the call to evolutionary leadership can become accredited as an EP/W&M Facilitator Training (three-day) retreat experience.  Those who become facilitators will always co-lead with a facilitator of the other gender, but it is not necessary to attend Evolutionary Leadership with a partner.

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