Evolutionary Partnership/Women & Men (EP/W&M) is an experiential workshop in which you can move to new levels of relatedness in any and all of your partnerships—personal, social and professional.

    Drawing on the archetypal opposites of the Feminine and the Masculine, we’ll explore how gender conflicts—men and women, men and men, or women and women—can provide a springboard to creative change and deep partnership.

Evolutionary Partnership / Women & Men
    In any aspect of life—personal, social or professional—
you can develop Evolutionary Partners who see your potential 
and who encourage you to live 100% authentically.  In an 
evolutionary partnership, you:
  Stand in your power and hold an open heart at the same time
  Approach conflict as an opportunity for deeper intimacy
  Use “What else could be true?” as a password to possibility
  Challenge one another while remaining open and curious
  Speak and listen collaboratively (100% assertive and 100% cooperative)
   Elegantly simple, these skills can be difficult to remember in the heat of conflict, so these workshops offer multiple opportunities for practice within a safe space.   
    An added bonus: Our experience has shown that when men and women develop the skills to address gender conflicts, they can stand together as stronger allies to address other systemic social dilemmas.
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About Us
The purpose of EP/W&M is to transform 
the stuck energy of gender-related conflict 
into generative partnerships that will support 
our purpose in the world.
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