Dirk Velten has devoted 25 years to the study and understanding of authentic communication, dialogue, and conflict resolution.  He facilitated Men and Women as Colleagues gender workshops for Deloitte & Touche throughout the U.S., and has led diversity workshops for many other corporations as a faculty member  of companies such as J.O. Rodgers & Associates and White Men as Full Diversity Partners.  

    Other institutions which have benefited from Dirk's work in the field of diversity include law firms, city governments and school districts, and law enforcement.  In 2004, Dirk was also a member of a team sponsored by the U.S. Department of State that travelled to Kosovo to share American experiences of racial reconciliation with groups working to heal ethnic conflicts in the region.

    Since 2002, Dirk and his wife, Jane, have been actively involved as facilitators/organizers with America Speaks, a national organization that uses 21st Century Town Hall Meeting technology to bring together groups of 500-5000 people of diverse backgrounds to engage public policy decisions.   

    In whatever work he’s doing, Dirk’s sense of goodwill helps bring out the best in people, and he seeks to make all learning as interactive as possible. He draws on the collective wisdom of the group to make lessons come alive, and when appropriate, he enlivens his classes with a healthy sense of humor.  

    Dirk grew up traveling between different countries and cultures, and he has learned to recognize systemic and cultural influences that may run beneath many conflicts.

Jane & Dirk Velten Bios

    Jane and Dirk Velten became certified in 1992 as facilitators for Essential Peacemaking / Women & Men, a gender training created by Danaan Parry and Jerilyn Brusseau for the Earthstewards Network.  In the late 90’s, they both became master trainers for this program, training and certifying facilitators throughout the U.S., as well as Europe and Russia.  In 2011, they drew on these roots to develop their current program, Evolutionary Partnership/ Women and Men.

    Jane Helsley Velten is a professional writer, facilitator, and coach whose work celebrates the creative power of diversity and partnership. Her career itself has spanned a diverse spectrum of subjects—from technology to conflict resolution, from early brain development in infants to the power of women in leadership.

    Jane began her corporate career at Ross Perot’s Electronic Data Systems (EDS), where she managed the company’s Creative Services department of writers, designers and video personnel.  In 1986, she left to form her own creative services business, and has enjoyed working in partnership with others for the past 25 years.

    In collaboration with Marsha Clark & Associates, Jane is currently writing The Power of Self:  A Woman’s Journey to Authentic Leadership, documenting the stories of executive leaders in a year-long, women-only leadership development program.  In 2004, her work was chosen to be part of an international collection of business leadership stories entitled The Human Element @ Work.

    Jane is an active member of the Feminine Power Global Community’s Mastery program, and is in process of becoming a certified coach for Calling in the One, a step-by-step process to attract and sustain satisfying partnerships in life.  She also completed advanced level training with Drs. Hal and Sidra Stone in Voice Dialogue facilitation.

    Jane’s work has also focused on issues of diversity and cultural conflict. Throughout the 90’s, she studied with international conflict resolution expert Danaan Parry, and she applied much of her learning to her work with corporate clients, developing curriculum and leading diversity programs for MetLife, AT&T, and numerous non-profit clients.

    In 1998, she partnered with Dallas’ PBS station KERA to help create and launch Ready to Learn, a programming and outreach campaign spotlighting brain development in the first five years of life.  

    In her work with individuals and groups, Jane models effective relationship skills. Her personal style is warm and inviting, and she encourages her clients to approach potential conflicts with curiosity rather than anger or defensiveness.

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